Get Involved in our Membership Growth Program

To introduce the newly born Christian and the prospective member of CBC to the basic truth and principles of salvation, discipleship and to ensure that the prospective member fully understands the Vision and Mission of the Church.

Two groups (classes) are recommended:

Group A – Focus on newly converted Christians. The main thrust of the teachings is based on issues like assurance of salvation, new creation, realities, and holiness.
Group B – Focus graduates from Group A and individuals who want to become members of the church.

The idea is to concentrate on issues like Discipleship, Water Baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism, the Vision and Mission of the Church, the operational Departments and committees and the benefits and responsibilities of members.

Recommended Duration: 8 –12 weeks.

Wisdom Hour:

Equips the saints to be grounded in the Word of God, through systematic Biblical exposition, thereby ensuring that each member has a good foundation so that they can live their lives successfully.


  • Choose appropriate study school material for use by teachers during the year
  • Train future Sunday school leaders in the course of the year
  • Take care of any administration in connection with water baptisms
  • Meet regularly with Sunday school teachers and give guidelines/discuss concerns
  • Oversee the development of materials and activities of the Membership Growth Programed.

Home Groups

Promote the development and building of Christian Character, stronger bonds of fellowship and the translating of the teaching of the word of God at the community level.


  • To develop the members in the group.
  • To provide care for members of the group by visiting them or phoning them
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere where each member can participate in the activities and each member is made to feel part of that particular house group family, and the Church family as a whole.
  • Make the House Group a Center for fellowship, e.g. House group outings, dinners, etc.
  • Follow a systematic plan of study as provided by the Head of the House Groups Department in consultation with the General Manager/Pastor.
  • To encourage all church members to belong to a home group or affiliate with one.
  • Provide comprehensive information on attendance of membership to home groups.